Friday, February 6, 2009

Greetings and welcome to my nightmare! Today's show revolves around the strange occurrences happening all around us. Is it the End of Days? Is there a future and why did the Aztec Calender run out of days? Weird invasion of furbees is NOT what i'm talkin about. Obviously just kids hacking around the moonbase...happens all the time. No it's much more unsettling than even the appearance of the AVATAR itself. This reporter and his faithful sidekick can only reveal the crack in the space/time is up to you to heal our galactic wounds. Be there or dissappear from the Universe entirely! No joking!!!
Who is this disembodied head floating through Berlin? Crackman is the obvious answer, but that is no man and the crack refers to the aforementioned tear in the fabric of our reality. Am i the only one concerned about this alien invasion? Has anyone else been plagued by these demons from alternate realities? Let's send them to SL where they belong, what say you, Twinizens?

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