Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011 New Direction

Alright so i live in an allegedly peaceful country right? So why does my country have the craziest damn Defense Budget on earth? With this in mind, here are my New Year’s resolutions for ya…
We get rid of The Federal Reserve. As it is a system based on debt and fractional reserve banking it is a con game with no winner but The Fed. As I must remind you the Fed is a private bank most likely owned by the Rothschild family and is neither Federal, nor does it have any reserves. Slavers they are, we are their prey, truly we must rid ourselves of this insane concept. (See Zeitgeist the movie)
We cut the Defense budget in half. Across the Board deal with it boys! We shall withdraw our armies of occupation from foreign soils unless said nations are willing to pay for our service. We really don’t need to be pissing off China right now, hmmm? Bring ‘em all home.
We double the Education Budget thereby increasing teacher salaries and bringing the best and the brightest to the system. We overhaul our teaching techniques so we no longer produce out-dated factory workers but independent entrepreneurs who have less need of the state. I think this was Jefferson’s idea more or less.
Since religions are in decline and offer little or any succor, we will no longer offer tax-free status for these charlatans except where their usefulness has been established. Storefronts or lots empty six days of the week shall be rented to our graduates of the entrepreneurial academies at sliding scale rates.
Oh hell, while I’m at it let us bail out every American family with a $500,000 cash infusion that will stimulate the economy, lessen the indebtedness and raise the morale, at least temporarily, of our most needy.
These simple changes will result in a revolution of the spirit for America. Only then are we leaders of the world, freeing ourselves from the failed policy of debt and wars.
If there is a Creator, then we are physical manifestations of this most troubled Being, i.e. we must save ourselves, we are god, we are responsible, totally and absolutely, amen.